Thursday, April 2, 2015

The story behind 'mfgbawon'

So now guys, im gonna tell you about how i got this name.

When i was 10 y.o. I had a cat, it was my first cat. But that time i had not named my cat. I got confused what name should i gave to him. He liked playing around pointlessly. And always on my side when i studied. And then my nephew got bitten by my cat. And he said 'bawon, bawon' which means 'baong' or naughty. So after that i started to name him 'Bawon'.

But a year later, something terrible happened. I thougt nothing gonna happen. That time i just gave him a frozen so good chicken nugget, but after that my cat started to puke, and a day later, he passed out. I was so devastated that day.

Now i put his name after my name. MFGBawon is a tribute to him.
I miss you, bawon.
MFG stands for Muhamad Farid Geonova btw.

My blog

Hi guys, this is my new blog! more awesome post coming soon! for a kickstarter, here's a picture of my cat! His name is Louis Fullerton, he is so cute omg.