Friday, July 21, 2017

My Life's Blueprint

This wasn't the part of the plan. This was never inside my imagination. Never once. Never once i thought of studying this major.. Until today..

It was at fifth of June, the day finally came. Even though i already knew what major i'll be in, it still made me happy that i was admitted into Ocean Engineering

Now it's all clear, my foot is set on here. Now i have to make a, grand design, of what am i going to be, what am i going to do in the future. I have many plans in my mind, but i'm going to tell you just a few of it.

Plan A : Offshore Engineer

Well, i choose this offshore engineering because, it's cool man! it's pretty cool! Designing a massive floating oil rig, living in there, far away from home. Damn, it sounds pretty impressive for me! And another reason is, Money. Yeah, i heard a lot about how this job pays tons of money. Seriously. Look at this brochure i got from google
Source :
Annual salary in dollar. Source :
See? But i do realize that it would not be that easy to be hired in such company that offer high salary. So i must work harder so that i can have the skills i need to become an Offshore Engineer. Now how do we measure our hard skills? By grades. Yeah. I'm gonna nail every subjects here
Far from what i dreamed before, informatics. But now this is my primary objectives. Get an A or at least AB on every subjects here
Well, that's my plan A.

Plan B : Onshore Engineer

Friday, June 2, 2017

Getting Around in Kualalumpur

After accompanying my parents in Medan to have a durian party (which was not so good because i don't like durian 😣), me and my parents flew to Kualalumpur city in Malaysia. The flight ticket from Medan was so cheap (Around 400k rupiah) so we were lucky to get that flight.
Note : 1RM is around Rp. 3000

Day 0 Medan - Kualalumpur

Kualanamu International Departure Waiting Room

We flew from Kualanamu International Airport (KNO) at 3pm local time. The flight was about one and a half hour long.
Cloudy Sky

When the plane was above the Malaysian plane, i was amazed by how good Malaysia's urban planning is. The housing complex was so well arranged. Unlike in Indonesia where housing complex are placed randomly, in Malaysia it looks so good.
View from above

We arrived at KLIA (Kualalumpur International Airport at 5pm local time. The airport looked good, but not as good as Changi though. But it was above Indonesian airport standard, in my opinion.
Me and my Mom at KLIA

After that we went to another terminal via airport's train. When we arrived, we bought a local simcard. There's an interesting story when we bought the simcard, which gave us a bad first impression on malaysian people. So we bought the card for 25RM, then we handed him 50RM, then he gave me the change. But instead of giving 25RM change, i was given only 5RM change. And the stupid thing is, i only realized it when i've had walked for five minutes away from the store. Didn't want to lose the money, i rushed back to the store and complained. He said that he had forgotten and gave me the wrong change, and finally he gave the remaining 20RM. I said to myself  "Damn f**kin liars". It seriously gave me the bad first impression.

After that we went to immigration to get our passport checked. At the immigration, there was a long queue. We were queued in a special Asean Queue Lane. We waited for like half an hour. After going through immigration, we went to the basement level to take the train to Kualalumpur city. Fyi the distance from KLIA to KL City is around 60km, quite far indeed.

But when we bought the ticket, out of sudden a young student talked to me. I was surprised that she talked Bahasa Indonesia
"Mau ke KL City?"
"Iyaa, ini beli tiketnya langsung aja kan?"
"Ooh, mending pake Grab, cuman 65RM"
"Oh iya? Okee makasih ya"
We were so lucky that the girl told us that. We saved 100RM because of that. And then we went to order a Grab Car.
Me waiting for grab

The Grab driver was nice, he even stopped for a while in a rest area to do Maghrib prayer, that was so unexpected. He also praised Joko Widodo because of his humbleness, despite of all the hate thrown onto him. Then we finally arrived at our destination. BUT i clicked the wrong destination when i ordered the car. I was blamed and felt guilty for that. But it was fine though, but we paid an extra 27RM.
Sunset, taken at 7PM local time

When we arrived at the hotel, we were amazed by the view. This was the view from the window :
Pullman @KLCC taken during daytime

After that we had some rest to prepare for tomorrow.

Day 1 Friday Praying at Malaysia

After a tiring day the day before, i slept soo long i woke up at 11am. I remembered that that day was Friday, but my dad told me not to worry because in Malaysia, Dzuhur starts at 1:15pm.

After searching some information on google, me and my dad decided to pray at a historical mosque called Masjid Jamek. When we asked for directions on google maps, we were told to go there by monorail, but when we were walking to the monorail station, we accidentally saw a bus and decided to take a bus instead. And luckily again, the bus was free, it's called GoKL Bus. It's free, comfort, and can take you to anywhere in Kualalumpur. I highly recommend you guys to take this bus if you want to tour the city without spending a single penny.
The pinky GOKL bus

Inside the bus

But there was something wrong. We didn't pay attention to the route so we took the wrong route. Ah damn.

But surprisingly, the bus stopped at the Petronas Twin Tower. Something that we didn't plan at all! But we didn't enjoy the view though, we didn't even take photos because we were going to do friday prayer not to do sightseeing here, and it' already 12:00pm! We were confused, we asked people where's the mosque, they didn't know (very strange, there should be many muslims in Malaysia, right?). But thankfully, there were a group of people who wore muslim outfit. So we hurried and followed them, but they went to.. a subway station.. and we lost them.. now we lost at the subway station..
Thankfully i found a route of the train, and thankfully again there's a direct route from KLCC to Masjid Jamek. So we finally took the train and finally arrived at our destination, Masjid Jamek

After that we went back to the hotel. This time we took the monorail. This was the view from the monorail

After we had arrived at the hotel, we had a lunch. We went to McD but Malaysian McD didn't serve rice. So we went to KFC instead. We bought this menu.
15,90 RM for this menu, a little bit pricy but reasonable enough
Sweet cheese crispy chicken
This chicken menu tasted like Indonesia's Cheese Crispy Chicken (that isn't available anymore in Indonesia). It was so delicious, but one thing was weird tho. The rice. They used Nasi Lemak instead of normal rice. It has a weird taste and texture. But it was okay though.

After that we decided to go to the KL Tower. But when we arrived at the KL Tower, it was already dark so we decided to go to the famous Bukit Bintang Shopping Centre. Although we didn't shop a single thing.

Visiting Kualalumpur feels incomplete when we didn't go to Kualalumpur's famous Twin Tower, so we went there after.
Me and my Parents
Me and Petronas Tower

After that we had dinner at Alor Street. This place is the malaysian street food, street. There were choices of seafood here, with a reasonable price. Overall it's nice, but it was a little bit crowded.
Source :
After our belly were full, we went back to the hotel to get some good rest.

Day 2 First day of Fasting at Kualalumpur

Me and my family had our first day of 1438 Ramadhan fasting in Kualalumpur. It was weird that the Subuh prayer was at 5:43am so we had plenty of time to do sahur.

Even though it was really hot during the day, we didn't want to waste our time just rotting inside the hotel. So we decided to visit four places : KL Tower, Central Market and Sultan Abdul Samad Building

KL Tower
KL Tower, this is the best place during my visit in Kualalumpur. I don't have to tell you why, just take a look at these pictures
Acrophobia warning!

Would you dare looking down?
Chillin' 420m above the ground
A lil bit narcism is alright, eh?
It wasn't as scary as you think, though. Seriously.
View from outside

City skyline

Mandatory photo

The ticket however, was a little bit pricey. I paid 105RM/person to go to the top of the tower and to the observation deck. But it was worth it though. Kinda like once in a lifetime moment.

Central Market

After spending some time on the top of the tower, we went to Central Market to buy chocolates. But there wasn't any imported chocolates there :( i was disappointed. So we bought some souvenirs instead.
Interior of Central Market
This market was so nice. It has an air conditioner inside, and it was so clean and comfortable. Unlike Pasar Baru Bandung, this place is so well decorated and well cleaned.
The Exterior
Oh i forgot to tell you something. Before we went to Central Market, near the Pasar Seni bus station, we visited a hotel that coincidentally has the same name as my name
If you look closely you can see someone photobombed my pic :(
Sultan Abdul Samad Building

"The most photoghraped building in Kualalumpur"
At first, we didn't plan to go there. But we were lost after shopping at the Central Market, it got us here

I wasn't looking at them i swear, i was fasting you know

Front view

What am i doing here
After being tired walking around, we decided to go to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. There were food streets there, but we decided not to break our fast there. Instead, we found this place and we ate here
We were so happy to found this place. And it was the best Masakan Padang i've ever tasted. Seriously though, imo it beats Padang's Lamun Ombak Restaurant or Medan's Garuda Restaurant. If you go to Malaysia i highly recommend you to go here

After that we went to Sogo Plaza. Then we went to the supermarket. And there i found happiness. Finally i found what i've been craving for. Chocolates! yeah, imported chocolates. There were so many imported chocolates, like KitKat Cookies (9,5RM) , Kinder SchokoBons (5RM), Milo Nuggets (3RM), Mini Toblerone (9RM).
Sweet little eggs
Cheap but tastes awesome!
After enough shopping, we went back again to the hotel.

Day 3 The Last Day on Kualalumpur

On the last day, we didn't go anywhere because the plane departed at 1pm. We went from the hotel to the Kualalumpur Central Station by a monorail.

View from the Monorail train

From KL Central we took a train to KLIA airport. We did a City Check-in, something that isn't commonly available here in Indonesia. KLIA train price was 55RM/person, and it took 28 minutes to get to the Airport. It is fast, indeed. 68 kilometre just in 28 minutes. Well if you have extra cash i recommend you to take this. If not, just take a bus or an uber/grab.
View from the KLIA train
Finally we arrived at the Kualalumpur International Airport. And that ends my journey here in Kualalumpur. I hope you enjoyed my post guys :)

Monday, May 22, 2017


Image result for heatstroke calvin harris
This one track by Calvin Harris is so awesome! I thought of sharing it here on my blog! Listen to it! it has such a funky-summer tones!

Won't you please
Slow it down?
I'm tryna talk to you, darlin'
Tryna walk with you, darlin'
Do you hear me?
And no-no-no-no-nobody can stop it
The love you got from me
And every time, I look out at my seat today
They chase, they flash they flash, yes
Tell me how you feel right now
'Cause all I wanna do is keep it real right now
I'm tryna beat it up, Beat Pills right now
Athletic in the sheets, I got skills right now
Break bread with some red baby hair
Ballin' in the club, Ace of Spades, yeah
Pop that bitch and spray it like 'Raid'
Yellow diamonds on you like a glass of lemonade
QB, I'll throw it
Teeth white, Newports
I won't need, like shorts
80 thousand dollar Birkin bag in the Porsche
I'm tryna fuck with you 'til we on life support
I'll split it with you if we get half of Michael Jordan
No toilet tissue, I shit on niggas 'cause life is short (facts)
No passport to go with me, I had to get deported
Release, let go, and have a good time
Have a good, have a good time, yeah
Have a good, have a good time
Release (release), let go (let go), and have a good time
Let's have a good, have a good time, ow
When you do things like this
And you set me free
How can anyone get tired?
When you do things like this
And you set me free
I think I've just been inspired
Oh babe
Brand new chapter of a real you
She got every red bottom like a baboon
Hunnid' bottles in the club, real one room
Girl you gotta keep up with a boss move
King of the jungle, tycoon
Everybody thinking that's a cartoon
We just wanna party, way back in the war room
Do you want some? No I don't, son
Tryna watch me ballin', do you want money?
I'm just tryna turn up, tryna work something
Shawty suck the dick good, she wanna fuck it first
Hey mista, you a rat burn
Good hair down her back
Rich nigga, I like 'em ratchet
Fuck it up, throw it back
No shave, Brazilian wax
Release, let go, and have a good time
Have a good, have a good time, yeah
Have a good, have a good time
Release (release), let go (let go), and have a good time
Let's have a good, have a good time, ow
When you do things like this
And you set me free
How can anyone get tired?
Oh, when you do things like this
And you set me free
I think I've just been inspired
When you do things like this
And you set me free, boy
How can anyone get tired?
When you do things like this
And you set me free
I think I've just been inspired
Hey babe
I could sweat like this all night
Oh, heatstroke, oh
I think you opened my eyes

Sunday, May 21, 2017

High Social Skill People

So uh, i've been observing people around me. And i noticed that, the high social skill people are the confident people. Confident. Confident. And Confident. That's the key to become a high social skill people.

Who's this people that i call "High Social Skill People"? Well, you see that group of people who's always confident? who do not have b

Friday, January 6, 2017

You can't hurry love

Image result for you cant hurry love
"You can't hurry love
No, you just have to wait
You got to trust, give it time
No matter how long it takes"

From the first time i discovered this song, i already liked this song a lot. I kept playing this song on repeat. Not only because Phil Collins did a beautiful composing of this song, but also because of the lyrics. I realized the lyrics really have a resseblance with my life journey.

(to be continued)