Saturday, September 22, 2018

Langkawi : The Less-known Destination

Perhaps some of you have watched the movie Crazy Rich Asians, and one of the shooting place was in Pulau Rawa and Pulau Samsara.
This one

So the actual shooting location was not in Rawa and Samsara Island, instead it is in Langkawi Island.
Rawa and Samsara Islands is marked on the map with a marker, while Langkawi Island is the one marked with red circle

Soo after watching that movie, i feel like i wanna share my journey to Langkawi island with you guys (Even though i did not go to the shooting place, St. Regis Resort, because the room rate is 4.4millions rupiah in there). Enjoy!

Day 1 - Saturday 10/02/2018

It was last semester, i had a day off on every Friday, and class started at 10am every Monday. So i got a very long weekend. My father needed some refreshing from his job so out of nowhere he just randomly asked me to go to Langkawi on Friday. So we finally went yeah.

Getting There
I went to Langkawi by plane from Bandung to KLIA to Langkawi. The round trip ticket price was around 1.6millions rupiah

First Impression
The good thing about this island is, the public transportation is not so popular. So what’s the good on that? Well, this means that you have to rent a car to explore the island! and it’s not so expensive! around 150k rupiah/day.

Image result for car rent langkawi
And the radio station here is great! It's like Prambors radio but it's in English, or singlish lol. Here's Hitz FM.
Image result for hitz fm langkawi

First stop – Gas station!
Well it turned out that the gas tank was almost empty. So we had to buy gas first.

Unlike in Indonesia, Gas station here is a self-service station. You’re right guys, you have to fill your tank by yourself!
I'm too Handsome to be a Petugas SPBU lol

Me and my Dad

Next Stop : Food!
Another good thing about this island is, there's a lot of seafood! And it comes with a cheap price (15-40k rupiah!).
This one i visited
The Infaq box here is Shoping Akhirat? Really? Lol
And one more good thing is, we can buy Teh Tarik for just 1RM or around 3,5K Rupiah! The Teh Tarik here literally taste different from Teh Tarik in Indonesia. Idk how but it tastes so delicious! I bought like three Teh Tarik when i was eating late lunch there. It made me think that they might put some kind of drugs inside my drink because it's so delicious and addictive! (The taste is almost similar to KOI tea, but more milky and creamy).

Teh Tarik!
Another thing that i like about this island is, the road here is so well built, unlike in Indonesia. The two lane road is somehow bigger than in Indonesia. And it was so neat in the street,almost no rubbish on the street. The traffic is good

After having a late lunch, we went to our hotel in Belle Vista Waterfront Hotel. The room rate was around 550k Rupiah/day.
So here's the picture of our hotel. Not so bad for 550k rupiah price.
Tampilan eksterior
Hotel looking like a palace

Hotel Lobby
The Waterfront
Image Source :

Day 2 - Sunday 11/02/2018

In the morning, we had breakfast with Nasi Kandar and Roti Canai. Nasi Kandar is rice with lamb curry and some other stuffs. How much does it cost? just aroud 25k rupiah! I love this island's cheap and tasty foods!
Roti Canai - Price : 6k Rupiah

Image result for nasi kandar
Nasi Kandar. Image Source :

First Destination - Skybridge
So we went to visit the island's famous skybridge in the morning. The Skybridge is located 708m above the sea level, and it is The Longest Free Span and Curved Bridge In The World.
You can see the Skybridge on the top left

So we got inside, and bought the ticket. The ticket for one person is 60RM or about 200k rupiah per one person.

It really looks better when you experienced it yourself! It was like 20 minutes ascend from 100m elevation to 650m, and the length of the cable car is around 1,7km!

We have to take another cable car to reach the skybridge

And now finally, the skybridge! Here are some photos i took :

Glass floor

Fun fact : the shirt was bought here in Langkawi, and it was just around 35k rupiah!

The bad thing about this island? It's really hot! Like 34 degrees hot because it's closer to the equator line

The skybridge from above
Second Destination - Eagle Statue

So after having a 80 kilometers road trip, we went to our hotel and took a rest for a while. After that, we went to see the island's landmark. The Eagle Statue. Langkawi island is named after the bird "Elang" or eagle, so it makes sense that the landmark is an eagle statue. The landmark is located just 2 km from our hotel.
My mom and dad on the right side

The sunset is mesmerizing

Peeking through

On point


Post Sunset

This is one of the most beautiful pic i took in my life

Holding a torch made of sun
Third Destination - Cenang Beach
Cenang beach is Langkawi's Kuta Beach. But unfortunately, We went there at night. So we couldn't see the beauty of it.
Image result for cenang beach
It could have been like this, but i t was night so i couldn't see a thing. Image source :
So we went there just to buy chocolates, souvenirs and, subway! Yeah, that was my first time eating subway.

How does it taste? Sucks.. Seriously. It doesn't taste that good.

Day 3 - Monday 12/02/2018

Wow it's Monday already! And class started at 10am, what am i gonna do? Well, chill! My father told me to skip one class, and yeah, i eventually skipped a class, it was a Kompem class so it's okay to skip one class, i still had 3 quotas of skipping class though.

I went home, but before i went home, i went to Penang first. Well  Penang sucks compared to Langkawi. Or idk, maybe because i didn't go anywhere in Penang. Here are some pictures :

I did my Mechanics of Material Homework at the airport, 2 hours before deadline.

Penang City

I found a 'spek' in here!
 This is a famous place in Penang. What does it sell? Cendol. How does it taste? sucks..

Indonesian Cendol is Better. Trust me.

Penang is not as clean as Langkawi
Langkawi island might not be as good as Bali. But it's a great destination if you want a new experience of driving around your own car in an island in a foreign country. And for me, i don't know why but it feels so good visiting a less-known destination, a place where most of the people don't know. The food is great and also cheap. Overall, It's a good getaway place option.

Soo that's the end of my journey. I hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think in the comment!