Friday, August 2, 2019

My Future Timeline

I'm gonna fly like a jet
Since i was little, i've been planning, i've been thinking about my future. Often times i contemplate about my detailed life plan, like what should i do next year, what to do after graduation, when should i get married, etc. But sometimes, and often times, things don't go as planned. Like on this post i made almost exactly four years ago here. Look at me now, i didn't go to MIT, i didn't take a major in informatics or even IT related. That's because i chose the easy way, yeah, after all, i was not that ambitious, i was a steady person, i was a yes man. Back then, i always choose the easy way. But now, not really. I have changed now. College has made me a better, more challenge-oriented person.

Okay well enough of the small talks, let's talk about my future. Since I was little, I’ve always been interested in stuffs related to technology. I had my own computer since I was five years old. You can say that I’m a geek because I know computer and technology related stuffs. Besides that, I have some hobbies. My hobbies are reading, writing blog, swimming and traveling.
As I stated before, I like traveling. I like traveling to the beaches, and to the ocean. I’m drawn to the ocean. There’s something beautiful in the ocean that makes me drawn to it. The blue water, the wind, the sound of the waves, they’re all beautiful. I was and still am interested in the ocean. I wanted to study it, but I also like technology, and energy. Then I finally decided to study Ocean Engineering. That is how I decided to study my major I’m studying now.
So, what’s my aspiration for the future? Well first, let me explain about my major. Ocean Engineering is the study about the infrastructure in the ocean, onshore and offshore. Here we study about things like designing offshore oil rig, sea port, manmade island, coastal protection, and ocean renewable energy. I have a plan for my future which is related to my major.
My first plan is, I will become an offshore engineer. Because I’m fascinated about how a man can build a large structure in the ocean, and withstand the harsh environment of the ocean. Wait, How large is it? Well the tallest oil rig structure is 500m, it is taller than the Empire State Building. And that is, marvelous. I hope I can make Indonesia’s oil and gas exploration better by becoming an offshore engineer, and providing energy through all of Indonesia.
            Talking about oil and gas, they’re not a renewable and green energy right? So I already have another plan. Indonesia is an archipelago surrounded by vast amount of ocean. There are lot of energy that can be produced from the ocean. And my plan for the future is, I want to research the ocean energy. I want to make ocean energy mainstream and accessible in Indonesia. There are many source of ocean energy such as wave energy, current energy, ocean thermal energy and offshore wind turbine. These energy is free and available, waiting to be harnessed by us. I aspire to help Indonesia harness the clean and renewable ocean energy.
            And that is who I am and who I am going to be. I hope I can make my dreams and goals come true.