Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Awesome Future

What will the future Mr. Geonova be? Will he be a young scientist? A Nanotechnology Inventor? Genetic engineer? A top researcher? A doctor? The first Indonesian Astronaut? A Pilot? A mechanic? A biotechnology expert? A chemistry engineer? An IT guy? A material engineer? Or the next future Bill Gates.

I don't know, we don't know. Only god knows what he will be. But he takes part on what he will be in the next 10 or 20 years. Now here's the thing. He is very young, he is still sixteen years old. But, he has a vision. From that vision, he found ambition. And with that, he works with passion.

But, the problem is, he found his ambition late. If only he had found his vision since he was in the first grade of high school, he would have had a good grade. But he just found his ambition just right after he entered the third grade of high school.

His grades are uh, just average. Standard. Yeah, he is kinda lazy person, except if there is something that pushes him.
Wait. So what made him suddenly be an ambitious person who works with passion? Probably because somehow he accidentally found a random blog on the internet. It's just a normal blog with a boring template. But what matter is the content of that blog.

So what is the content of that blog? Video games cheat? Hack app? Torrent site? No. That blog is about an awesome student, who went to the same school as him. But she ( the blog author ) continued her study to the most awesome university in the world (in his version). She took an undergraduate program. At Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT).

What? How could MIT be so awesome and drove him to be so ambitious? How could that event changed him?

The answer is simple. He once said what his goal is. He want to be "Rich, Classy and Educated" (he didn't say awesome because i think it's obvious that he is already awesome). And he thought that MIT is the fastest way to get there (i second that).

And also, he likes USA and it's culture (imho american culture sucks). And he is obsessed with blonde with girls (idk how he became obsessed).

So what will he be then? I don't know. But if everything goes according to the plan he made, it'll most probably be like this.

After graduated high school, he will be #adMITted at #MIT (and he will show his pride by posting at Path). And he will take a Major in Computer Science (he is an IT Guy since he was 5). After that he will work at Microsoft (and he will stop using pirated Windows). And after that he will continue his study (maybe economy, im not sure tho). And after years of experiences, he will start making his own company, he will recruit Indonesian students who study abroad. And he will build an empire and be the next Bill Gates *insert cool emoji here*

W...wait. How the heck he build his so called 'empire'? I mean what will the company make? A freakin' software?

Not really, he is a fan of futuristic technology. He has a vision that all futuristic technology, under one flagship of his company, will be at every house. Sounds cool right? Like there will be hoverboards in every houses, interactive wall holograms become a normal thing. It is cool right?
Yeah yeah, i hope that boy will get the best. The best for him, the best for Indonesia, and the best for the future.


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